fw\Component\Core\Enum v0.2.0


I’ve just updated fw\Component\Core\Enum, my type-safe enumeration implementation for the PHP scripting language.

The current version is 0.2.0. The changelog includes:

  • Updated to PHP version 5.4 (e.g. short array syntax).
  • Dropped support for PHP version 5.3 (or earlier).
  • Added support for functional enumerations.
  • Fixed and updated API documentation.
  • Fixed and unified coding style.
  • Updated unit tests.

During the last week, I played around with Git and GitHub. The project page also contain a Wiki now. I have created a Git tag for every release in the past and will also do that in the future. Another point on my list are enhancements of the the Wiki pages.

Read the following ressources to learn more about the component: