My Top Albums of 2015

A blog post completely unrelated to IT.


Here’s a list of my top 20 music albums of the year 2015 (I didn’t think about the ordering too long):

  1. Neck Deep - Life’s Not Out To Get You (Genre: Pop-Punk)

    Neck Deep saved Pop-Punk in the year 2015.

  2. Parkway Drive - Ire (Genre: Metalcore)

    PWD experience a bit on this album, pushing the boundaries of their Metalcore by mixing it with 80’s Heavy Metal and Nu Metal.

  3. Crooks (UK) - Are We All the Same Distance Apart (Genre: Melodic Hardcore)

    Very melodic/atmospheric melodic hardcore.

  4. Stick To Your Guns - Disobedient (Genre: Melodic Hardcore)
  5. Boysetsfire - Boysetsfire - (Genre: Hardcore/Alternative)
  6. Northlane - Node (Genre: Progressive Metalcore)
  7. August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (Genre: Progressive Metalcore)
  8. Being As An Ocean - Being As An Ocean (Genre: Melodic Hardcore)
  9. Haste The Day - Coward (Genre: Metalcore)
  10. Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us (Genre: Melodic Hardcore)
  11. Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep (Genre: Trancecore/Post-Hardcore/Experimental)
  12. Callejon - Wir sind Angst (Genre: German Metalcore)
  13. Adam Angst - Adam Angst (Genre: German Punk Rock)
  14. While She Sleeps - Brainwashed (Genre: Metalcore)
  15. The Black Dahlia Murder - Abysmal (Genre: Death Metal)
  16. Emery - You Were Never Alone (Genre: Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock)
  17. Strung Out - Transmission.Alpha.Delta (Genre: Punk Rock)
  18. Silverstein - I Am Alive In Everything I Touch (Genre: Post-Hardcore)
  19. The Story So Far - The Story So Far (Genre: Pop-Punk)
  20. Funeral For A Friend - Chapter and Verse (Genre: Post-Hardcore/Punk Rock)

    Sadly the last album from FFAF, since they split up in 2016. This has similarities to their 2013’s legendary classic Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation. I’m looking forward to 2016-03-24 when they’ll play CDADIC live in Hamburg during they Last Change to Dance final tour.

One of the best tracks of 2014 is Crooks (UK) - A Few Peaceful Days, in my opinion.

The biggest (musical) dissapointments for me in the year 2015 have been:

  1. We Came As Romans - We Came As Romans (Genre: Post-Hardcore)

    After the good Tracing Back Roots (2013) they decided to focus on clean vocals even more. This one is boring Radio-Pop-Core.

  2. All That Remains - The Order of Things (Genre: Metalcore) What happened to this band after The Fall of Ideals (2006)? Overcome (2008) was decent, but after that, every album was worser than the one before. This one is boring Generic-Metalcore again.

Click here too see the my personal to albums of 2014. I would also like to mention the following records that did not make it into that list, since I have not been aware of their existance at that point in time or I didn’t notice that they’re good back then:

  1. Yellowcard - Lift A Sail (Genre: Pop-Punk/Alternative Rock)
  2. The One Hundred - Subculture (EP) (Genre: Trancecore/Rapcore)

Sadly I haven’t found much time to blog and code in my free time this year…

Nonetheless: Happy New Year! (A litte late, I know…)